Obtain the data you require in order to make a wise conclusion. We value openness and want to make sure you have access to all the information you require. Find answers to frequently asked questions regarding our article writing services.

Write N Edit is not just a content writing agency about writing thousands of words. Content Writing as a service is about crafting a copy in a manner that informs and amazes. WE create stories and information bulletins powered with powerful messages for prompting action taking and engaging narratives for enhancing the readability. We blend creativity with deep research and strategic alignment to get the results as expected helping you to capture attention and deliver the results as expected from your investment with us.  

Not all our writers are based in the USA. Writing is not about language alone but about ideas, words and opinions. In an attempt to make content more compelling, We invest in cultural diversity as one way of adding unique experiences and DIFFERING viewpoints in the copy. This also allows us to craft content that is globally aligned and not just country specific. We have writers from all across the globe as we cater to clients from different countries and also we focus on IDEA GENERATION and not just content creation. 

Yes. We have unique codes of each writer which is made available to you. You can communicate the same code to us and we can check if the same writer is available for you. 

Input forms are forms that are used to gather all the necessary and related information from the user about their expectations. Input forms streamline the information-gathering process by making sure that clients’ expectations and requirements are made clear to the authors. It includes information on content requirements, such as the topic, desired tone, target audience, keywords, word count, and any additional guidelines.

Yes. Please, we believe these guidelines will help us understand your brand voice and tone. 

Content Creation is itself a huge step towards scaling. SEO content optimization on top of that is a scaling service used for organic reach already being provided by us.

Please check out our revision policy for this. Click here.

Communication and research is the one brainstorming activity that leads to creative discussion. We follow team communications and constructive discussion along with in depth research to craft new ideas and keep updating ourselves with the trends and changes of the industry.

Yes. We use premium copyscape to check for plagiarism

We know the competition in the industry. There are freelancers, there are companies directly linking you to other content creators but as an agency we give you the experience and exposure of 5-7 members of different fields in one content and that’s the way we are DIFFERENT from any other agency or freelancers. We believe in IDEA GENERATION by taking the viewpoints of different ideas and that’s what also makes our content unique.

Please check the list of industries here. Industries

Yes. We also offer discounts for bulk orders. Check the discounts and services for Bulk Orders

Yes. We focus on content creation with constructive criticism wherein ideas are developed through team communication but the author is always an experienced and academically proficient writer.

Communication with clients is routed through mails after receipt of input forms. The communication is routed to the actual writer through team leads which allows two step tracking of work of the clients.

User experience is extremely important to us. Our website is tech friendly and you can change your password in the same way it is done on any other website or social platforms. Our website allows you to reset and change your password if you have forgotten it by clicking on “Forgot Password”. If the issue still persists please drop us a mail on info@writenedit.com and make the Subject “FORGOT PASSWORD ISSUES”

We need to check with our writers whether they are available for the particular deadline and only then give assurance. Urgent assignments are charged at a higher price. Please check for that (THIS can be interlinked to PRICING page

Drafts are available for explaining the format and the ideas to be presented in the final write-up. Therefore, if required we can provide you the assignment in parts, but the scope as finalized in the draft and guidelines given and accepted by you shall not change. Any change shall be taken up only after some additional and viable costs.  

No, we already include stock photos in most of our blog writing services without any additional charges. 

The content will be delivered by 5 pm EST on the date of delivery as accepted between WE and you. 

You can place an order with Write N Edit by adding a package or service to cart, paying for it and inputting your requirements. 

Yes, we can help. It is always possible that there is an industry similar to the industries mentioned on our page. We can always check with our team of writers having experience in that particular industry to help you with this. Please just drop us a mail with all the requirements.

We offer different pricing plans. The basis of our pricing is the kind of content required, the amount of research needed and the length of the content. Prices start at $0.06 per word. However, our packages are bundles of discounts that allows your brand to be VISIBLE everywhere.

“WE” follows a sequential process for ensuring the quality of the overall write-up. It starts with matching the writer with your requirements. The writer is matched for three specific conditions including, industry knowledge, years of experience in the kind of writing and samples from past portfolio. After this selection, ideas are discussed with the team and not an individual writer, the best of which are sent to the client as a draft for approval. Altogether, our strategies are not just based on making sure that the grammar and structure of the article is as observed but it is equally DIFFERENTIAL and based on IDEA GENERATION vision for the client.

Another level of quality check is maintained by proper editing and proofreading of the final article by experienced and academically qualified editors.

Our delivery time is strictly dependent on the receipt of all information. After that we typically provide the content within a week.  A fixed detail of content in package can be seen here.

Yes, we offer content strategy services. Our packages are unique in this way wherein we help you develop a content strategy for an entire month based on your business and individual goals of Visibility and lead generation.

Yes, as a content writing agency, WE have years of experience in delivering the content for a variety of industries, including E-commerce, finance, technology, and more. We conduct thorough research to ensure that our content is accurate, as per competitive direction and reflects industry best practices useful for users of the brand.

Yes, we have experience with search engine optimization. To raise the rating of your website, we use pertinent keywords, preferable tools of research analysis and adhere to best practises.

Offering the most creative and original work is our entire motto. WE therefore, offer revisions to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. Our revision policy varies depending on the scope of the project and the scope of changes required.

To arrange a consultation, get in touch with us by email or through our website. We will discuss your project demands and give you a personalised price during the consultation. As of right now, we don’t offer video consultations.

Professional writers that specialize in various industries work for our company. We select writers based on their academic qualifications and past worked samples. We will designate a writer for your assignment who possesses the necessary training and experience.

Yes, we can provide samples of our previous work upon request if not provided on the website. This can help you evaluate our writing style and structure and determine if it aligns with your needs. We sometimes do not have samples on our website for some industries because they are bought by clients. But we can share some past work after approval from clients.

Before we begin working on your project, we need a deposit. PayPal, Stripe and credit cards are some of the ways we accept payment.

Yes, we provide content distribution services to aid in your content promotion and contribute in connecting with your intended audience. We can help with email marketing, social media promotion, and other methods of distribution.

We take protecting the confidentiality of your data very seriously, and we’ve put procedures in place to keep your information private. If necessary, we are also willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

We are willing to make modifications as needed since we recognize that they might be essential. Please be aware, however, that additional fees might be necessary depending on the scope and magnitude of the changes. This is because there are cost implications and resource allocation difficulties which can disrupt our workflow.

The content will be delivered by 5 pm EST on the date of delivery as accepted between WE and you. 

Long term collaboration is another motto of our company and that is why we strive to initiate collaboration in all possible ways. We aim to collaborate with you for your entire content strategy and that is why our packages are the best option for directing the strategical intent of your brand in accordance with your business goals, high quality content, industry standards and user engagement. In these packages, “WE” adopts flexibility and adaptability to accommodate changes and adjust strategies from time to time to align your evolving needs.

We recognise how crucial it is to stick to deadlines and will make every effort to deliver your articles on time. If unanticipated delays occur, we will let you know as soon as we can and attempt to find the best solution in time.

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