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“WE” does not prefer AI tools in writing content and developing creativity owing to the many reasons that diminish the readability and Authenticity of its Brands.

Promotion of Original content with verified information can motivate innovativeness in the world amid the negativity of AI tools. Creativity and Uniqueness is still an eye catching strategy for the digital entrepreneurs. This is because with the introduction of AI tools such as Chat GPT, there are thousands of duplicate content out there and creativity is itself becoming the new MAREKTING tool. This can be evidenced from the recent stats showing a much higher average ranking of human content as per SEO content experiment conducted form the end of April to the start of July amid the many other researches claiming the same.


While writing a piece content for their marketing, amateurs believe a good vocabulary and the some catchy phrases are the characteristic of a good article and figure Chat GPT and Bard can do it for them. They don’t understand that the digital world is rather looking and promoting ideas in the content and not the English and Vocabulary. At the same time, users and clients of a brand are not looking for their English excellence but innovative possibilities and the creativity in the content is the way to establish the level of Creativity the brand can possess. They are looking for solutions of their problems and not just the English of writers which is why Write N EDIT does not collaborate with AI tools. Find some more reasons why AI is not preferred by us.

Low Persuasiveness

AI content is largely derived of imitative and monotonous content which is not persuasive. It is a human writer that adds life like meaning to it. Users and buyers are able to connect with a human content more actively because the issues and resolutions of human writers connect with those of the users which are humans. Some content companies are trying to persuade their clients into thinking that AI+ Human Content is an answer to the missing element of human attribute in AI content but is it true? Such writers are only focusing on changing the words and alignment of the content so that it does not show as AI content. Eventually, whether the changes are absolute or not, they are not persuasive.

Users want to know either facts or real life stories of people in their industry and their environment to be motivated and not some article with good English to find reasons to buy something. This is also one of the major reasons Copywriting is scaling up in the industry. The reason is that content is written by researching and deeply understanding the pain areas and then crafting lines and content to get leads. So Chat GPT can write but not persuade into buying.

Low Quality Assurance and even lower data integrity

The repeating nature of AI tools such as Chat GPT and Bard, itself denotes low creativity. On top of that, similar content creation is the biggest disadvantage for Brands looking to differentiate themselves in the crowd. A little pre context from humans is necessary for using AI tools which evidences that the very first stage of AI involves human and therefore it is incomplete and incompetent as an Intelligent tool in itself. The thinking abilities and intelligence of a human is different than that of AI and nothing can still replace the work of human minds. This is due to the presence of subconscious minds and ability to use years of experience in idea generation in humans. Experiences on top of that are missing from AI tools. A trail of researched evidences is missing from AI while it is strength of the human mind. Therefore, the viability of success of an idea generated from AI looses integrity and quality assurance.

Team Effort

“WE” highly believes in team efforts and utilizes that for its original content creation process as also idea generation. AI lacks intuition and has very limited contextual understanding while humans are capable of constructive feedback and suggestion, series of which helps generate innovative ideas. While AI base its content creation on statistical and patterns, a team effort led content creation allows idea generation by utilizing and aligning ideas, context and exposure of individuals from different industry backgrounds, expertise and years of exposure in different fields and phases of life making ideas more realistic. Diversity of workforce leads to “Out of the Box” thinking which is base for creativity in digital services and we want to give our clients the same. These diverse skill sets from different industries leads to wider brainstorming sessions and helps stimulate creative idea generation from different angles in the business. The process of “Write N Edit” revolves around idea generation with brainstorming activities between individuals from different industries to enhance the originality and innovative content creations for its clients.

The future is unpredictable and Chat GPT is not a CEO of any company or a human with 7+ years of experience that it will give you good suggestions. One has to read blogs, talk to peers and then only come to a discussion of making some major life decisions or investments. At the same time, it seems that Chat GPT is just a new toy in the industry and it can maybe lead to extreme changes in the future but the direction of it as per demands of the human is uncertain. According to our analysis, too much dependence of brands on artificial processing can lead to prominence of traditional and physical marketing and personal meeting to sustain the element of human trust.

The animation depicts a scene where four individuals collaborate together to accomplish a human task. Each person has their own unique set of skills and abilities.  “Can AI replicate this kind of teamwork at a personal level for you?”

No Future Context

The imagination, speculation, emotional and reflective processes are only possible with human developed content. The ability to craft compelling content on the basis of envision scenarios and imaginative thinking to understand the impact of a trend, product or service on the future is a key component of attraction for readers. Basing your content on IMPACT is a very powerful method of enhancing readability of the content as it lets the users deeply explore the future possibilities linked with the main idea of the product, service and trend. Also, the human element adds sensitivity and richness to the discussion of future scenarios and possible placement of users in the trend, product or service. WE as content providers do not believe in crafting content without these elements enabling us to say NO to AI integration in our services. On top of that, the ability to incorporate cultural and contextual sensitivity in written articles with historical perspectives through interactions, primary and secondary research is a time taking and research based work which is not provided by AI tools.

Think of this situation, when we ask CHAT GPT a suggestion or research, we think that an intelligent, experienced person/ machine is answering our questions, but actually a confused machine with lots of contrasting data is answering it. Eventually, this makes it more confusing for works especially with research. For instance, CHAT GPT itself suggests undertaking deep research for projects and suggestions of which stock to purchase. This is also the case for finding the challenges in a code. What if Chat GPT finds you 3 challenges and the rest are untapped. Think of a situation where the client takes it live and looses customers because of ignorance of final review by a human expert. The losses of waste of efforts, money and time can be more daunting than the benefits from CHAT GPT. This is exactly where human team efforts leading to more innovative idea creation can play a higher role in content creation. More challenges can be observed before the final delivery and there is almost negligible chance that a brand is set out live without proper preparation.


Leading us into a future of duplication and an end to creativity

Remember how our Interviews were designed to understand our ability to innovate and bring a new idea to the table. As of now some companies are trying to find how good an intern or an employee is with these AI tools. Such hiring shall only bring the entire organization’s creativity to an end leading to a world of duplication. This will lead to an era where Google will have 100s of similar content. Where will we go for true and inspiring ideas then? In these circumstances, only those freelancers and companies that are promoting and developing original and inspiring content will LEAD. What matters is whether brands are planning to engage or just rank? Brands who are just trying to rank will drop dead eventually and those trying to Inspire differently shall win in the long run.

Inspire action and leave an impact by disagreeing with the patterns of duplicate content. Choose authentic, engaging and persuasive content by getting your content crafted by exclusive writers who seek to bring your brand’s unique voice to life.

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